Laqeet, Definition and it’s Islamic Laws


  • Muhammad Iltimas Khan
  • Shams uddin


Islam has shown great interest in himan beings in all aspects and given them a status of  decent  and  honour . “Laqeet” The  foundling, is  a  religious  term  used  for  an unknown child who has been thrown or kept by an unknown  person  due to the fear of defamation of Zina or due to extreme poverty. Such child is a respectable person of that society. This  articale aims to define as well as to describe the safety, race future- spendings, the religion’s opinion of picking it, the limits on taking it,the legal and civil conditions that fall upon the picker of the foundling, the rights of the picker of taking the foundling. It will also discuss, how the name and parentage of such children will be shown  in documents.




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