Interdisciplinary Studies; its Application to the Disciplin of Arabic Lnaguage and Literature in Pakistan


  • Muhammad Salim Howaid
  • Muhammad Zubair Abbasi


The integrated success, according to the requirements of modern globalization in the whole education system, is tied with the robe of sharp scientific-based research and tremendous learning. We see daily an incredible amount of terminologies, concepts and theories coming from various disciplines to the field of Arabic linguistics and literature which apparently enrich it. To make learning of Arabic linguistics and literature more excellent, widely, the current curriculum which is being taught at the universities, schools and many institutions, needs to be revised carefully. We are living in a very modern globalization where the learner, for instance, commands over the things in the Middle East while sitting in the West and vice versa through internet. By meticulous analysis, it is said that the archives of the curriculum of Arabic linguistics and literature, which is being taught in a large number of universities, is fully old-fashioned, out-dated as well as having no capacity of any kind to fulfill essential requirements of the modern reader. In order to avoid this problem, to enhance the quality of education, the idea of Interdisciplinary studies has been developed. Before the thought is to be applied, many objections have been raised towards the idea by many scholars, saying that the idea, in fact, means the elimination of Specialization in any discipline.

But on the other hand, we hear, from round of the world, new phenomenal concepts, many disciplines of European languages including English are being reinovated, regenarized and modernized through the application of these newest concepts, but unfortunately, the learners of Arabic language or one who dreams to be a specialist in the same discipline, are facing a lot of problems and they are confused and bewildered entirely; so what this situation indicates to? The paper bearing interdisciplinary theme seeks how the idea of ‘interdisciplinary studies’ is to be applied to the current Arabic curriculum/s, using the analytical method in order to moderate this according to the present day.