Intelligence Victories in Battle of Trench


  • Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman Saifee
  • Dr. Qari Badaruddin
  • Dr. Aijaz Ali Khoso


Where an unbiased ruler and patriotic people are necessary to establish a strong and stable country, therefore, the security of the land and people, a strong armed force is vital. It is necessary to have the best army in order to win a war. But in order to get victory or win a battle in a battlefield, it needs spies on several fronts to secretly steal the enemy’s operational plan. Where thousands of persons are needed to construct a railway bridge, but only a few individuals are enough to destroy it. Sometimes the spies shock the enemies before the battle by stealing some important intel or documents. Hence, it is necessary to be victorious to have complete information of the enemy’s resources, movements, and intentions beforehand. General George Washington says; “What scares me is the enemy’s spy. It is my internal wish to keep vigilance on him. This task needs to be handed over to noble, reliable, clever and intelligent personnel so that they can go through the process of investigation with utmost responsibility. This hidden enemy does not have a defined whereabouts therefore; this should be our try to not let it steal our secrets.”




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