Essentialist Stereotyping of Muslims/Islam, Self-Othering and Neo-Orientalism: Selected Cultural Production in Focus


  • Inayat Ullah
  • Shehla Rahman


The Muslims of the Occupied Kashmir are facing several challenges in the era of information and globalization. The most significant aspect of the contemporary challenges which are faced by the Kashmiris from the Indo-piles is the political influence, economic influence, geographical influence, influence on the socioeconomic institutions, command, and control over media, injustice, lack of liberty and severe human rights violations. This research tries to find out the crucial ground realities that comprise the context of globalization, liberty, and freedom, which are restrained by the Indian policy community. Pak-Indo tussle on Kashmir possesses a strategic threat to the entire region. To live in harmony, peace, and friendship it is necessary to resolve our problems diplomatically. In diplomacy, the beginning of wisdom is to understand what the other party conceives and why? This is just as important for our Pakistani friends as for the Indians.