Afghanistan War, its Consequences, and the ways to restore Peace in the Region


  • Dr. Shahla Tehseen Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Karachi
  • Dr. Mamnoon Ahmed Khan Assistant Professor Department of International Relations Federal Urdu University, Karachi



discrimination, Pakistan, Afghanistan, international peace, stakeholders


There is a drastic change seem to have occurred in a recent few decades that has completely redefined the global status of peace and conflict. It is important to analyze the public attitude against the inequality, depravity, ignorance, oppression, mental and physical assault, discrimination and other such calamities to understand the current picture of international peace and conflict. It is more necessary to pinpoint the flaws within the policies and diplomatic dogmas that is worsening the peace and conflict status in the world as a whole. One more important step to restore world peace order is that authorities must identify the role of the direct and indirect stakeholders, either in resolving or worsening the situation even more.

Today’s world believe in hiding the facts, figures and actual reasons behind the specific kind of conflict developments. However, right to information must be ensured for all regarding all the issues that eventually become the reason of the massive peace crises both in short and long-term. It is the right of every person on earth to have a proper knowledge regarding the background of any event that takes place so that the citizens may help their respective countries to deal with such issues. In the world where false news propagate quicker than the infectious virus, it is mainly necessary to create the web platforms, guides and official channels that deny all the things based on lies and encourage what the true side of the story is.

The debate to restore world peace order has been going on since the crises had begun. This study is intended to focus on the impacts of terrorism on Pakistan and Afghanistan, hence, some general as well as the specific events that took place and that kept the astounding impacts on both the societies have been analyzed.