Critical review of the book “Sadaqat-i- Islam written by Maolana Muhammad Qasim Nanotvi


  • Wali Ul Haq
  • Dr. Rashid Ahmad


Ilm-ul-Kalam is one of the most important disciplines of Islamic sciences. It is an effective weapon for removing doubts inculcated about Islam by different quarters from time to time. Muslim scholars addressed this issue form very beginning. A rich literature came into existence as a result. The contribution of Ulema-E-Deoband is not less than any predecessors in this regard by any means. Maolana Mohammad Qasim Nanotvi is one of them. His most famous book on the beliefs of Islam is “Sadaqat-e-Islam”. It is actually explanation and clarification of the objections raised by Hindu & Christian religious scholars.

 The best efforts were made to evaluate the book and its contents critically, and to examine, how much Maolana has succeeded to satisfy the readers and how he responded rationally to those who have raised questions on these Islamic beliefs