A Comparative and Literary Study of Attorney bil-Khosoomat in The Light of The Teachings of Christianity and Islam


  • Muhammad Shabbir


Attorney bill, Khosoomat, Christianity , Islam, Judicial


The subject of judicial activity plays vital role in our practical life. Its roots are deeply rooted in individual and social circles. Therefore, its value and necessity is recognized in Islamic theology. On permanent basis several chapters are related to it in books and hadiths, where its commandments and principles are fully elaborated. One of its various aspect is called “wakeele Khosoomat” which performs his obligations on behalf of the accuser and the defendant and ends the lawsuit with the objection or inability of both sides.

To make someone else as a representative for oneself through a legal process is called Advocacy. Proofs of is legitimacy can be found in the Holy Quran, Hadiths and unanimity of Muslim community.

So, for Christianity is concerned, two words are used for it. the first on is Epistropos and it has been elaborated in New American Standard Bible by three types of words: foreman, steward and guardian; and the second word is Oikonomos which is illustrated in the Modern Pact “ King James Bible” by the words steward, Chamberlain and governor. Bible also holds contains verses to suggest its meaning.

The Christian world agree on the idea that such commandments are rarely found in their religion. However, controversy is there whether we can setup new injunctions in favor of it or not.

In this article research and counter assessment of Khasoomat with the basic origin of Christianity and Islam. It explains whether Islam or Christianity hold such particular commandments for lawyer (advocate) of Khasoomat. The results are given in the end.

The Roman Catholic believe that only a true Muslim can answer such questions.

However, the protestant priests claim that they don’t have any capacity for such activity.

The reason is that doing such things assimilate to apply commandments upon God.




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