Review Process

Peer Review Process

Double blinded peer review process is followed. While adopting this, we remove author’s name and his/her affiliations are kept secret so that a high quality and unbiased review may prepared by the reviewer. Similarly, to keep the reviewer from any approach by the author we keep secrecy of his/ her identity.


After receiving the official email from the editor/ member of editorial board, we expect our reviews to respond to us about whether they are considering the manuscript or not within few days. Once they accept the manuscript, reviewers are free to provide their decision in any of the following three categories.

(i) Accepted – If the manuscript is completely relevant and well written.

(ii) Rejected – If the manuscript is irrelevant.

(iii) Need to revise – If any minor corrections to be made in the manuscript.

  1. Reviewer must not be biased and transparent in his decision.
  2. Reviewer should provide the decisions on time line i.e. 15 days after accepting the manuscript.
  3. Reviewer should respect the confidentiality of the information of manuscript till it gets published.
  4. Final decision in accepting/ rejecting of the manuscript is solely decided by Chief-Editor of the journal.

For any conflicts with manuscript/ authors/ editors he should contact editorial office.