A Study of Jehᾱd-related Verses from the Perspective of Mushkilᾱt-al-Qurᾱn with Special Reference to the Explanations of Mawlᾱnᾱ Muhammad Anwar Gangohi


  • Faisal Mehmood
  • Dr. Abzahir Khan


The Holy Quran is the basic source of Islam. Therefore, in every age, the Quranic verses have been explained from various perspectives. Among those aspects, the prominent one is the Mushkilat-al-Quran which focuses on the verses that appear contradictory with respect to some specific explanation of other verses. Because of its importance, this type of study is considered as a prominent part of Tafseer. Besides this, limited contribution exists so far in this field, especially in Urdu language. A prominent religious scholar of India, Sheikh Muhammad Anwar Gangohi, has offered his sophisticated work named Mushkilat-al-Quran. This work is worth mentioning because the referred scholar has collected the interpretations of verses from the old literature of Tafseer. Similarly, he has compiled all those verses in his aforementioned book in proper order. In this research paper, those verses have been studied that relate to Jehad which he has enlisted in his book. Moreover, the sources of his interpretations have been brought forth in a scholarly manner.