Analysis and comparative study of Famous festival in Semitic Religions


  • abdul Naseer
  • Dr. Sami al-Haq
  • Dr. Zia al-Rehman


Semitic religions, Famous festival, Pesach-Passover, Christ Mass Islam, Christianity, Judaism


Allah SWT has sent down many prophets and messengers to the earth for the success of here and Hereafter. That's why many religions came into being. Some of these became popular, like Islam, Christianity and Judaism. These all are called Semetic (Saami) religions, because all these were the offspring of son of Nooh Alaih e salam, Saam. There are many foundations which are common in these three religions. Allah SWT has invited people towards the common things.

Allah says : Say, O , people of book, come to the word which is common between us, Not to worship but Allah , and not to associate others with Allah, and not to make anyone among us as god. There are many festivals which are common among these religions. These festivals are the source of harmony and peace among the people. It brings people together. Such sort of festivals will be compared and discussed in detail in this article.





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