Muhammad Hamzavi’s Art of Tafseer with Undotted Words


  • Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan
  • Dr. Imrana


Mahmood Hamzavi (1236-1305) is one of those literary personality who played a vital role in the field of Arabic & Islamic Literature, especially in Tafseer and Fiqh. He wrote a complete Tafseer after Abul Faiz Faizi with undotted words. This is a short Tafseer which consists of two volumes. This article deals with the artistic beauties of the said Tafseer “Durrul Asrar”. Hamzavi is one of these Mufassireen who are known as Arabic Linguists and he focused one explanation of verses of the Holy Quran with undotted words. This research is divided into six parts: (i) A brief history of Tafseer with undotted words, (ii) Biography of Hamzavi, (iii) Introduction to the Tafseer “Durrul Asrar”, (iv) Method and style, (v) Characteristics, (vi) Results and recommendations. Through deep study of his work, it appears to us that the style of Al-Hamzavi was known for its characteristics. He has total control over language. His tafseer is the master piece of art of use of the undotted words.