An outlook from Historical Review of Imam Malik Ibn Anas’s Principles of Instruction and Classroom Management (715 -795)


  • Dr.Parveen Khan Assistant Professor Institutional Affiliation: Institute of Education & Research, University of Peshawar



Imam Malik, Teaching profession, Classroom Management and Educational thoughts


The study deals with the contribution, educational thoughts, and classroom management principles of Hazrat Imam Malik bin Anas RA( 715-795). He was one of the prominent academic leaders and Muslim legists who performed an important position in formulating early Islamic felony doctrines and being nonetheless been observed at some stage in the Muslim nations.  He became found out in Islamic law and attracted a vast number of students, his followers coming to be known as the Mālikī faculty of law (madhhab). Imam Malik bin Anas (RA) is very tons appreciated for what he did for the contribution of knowledge. Educational institution introduced by Imam Malik in Masjid Nabawi got its popularity throughout Muslim countries and educationists tend to visit it for the sake of learning. Imam Malik introduced his principles regarding classroom management and teaching before 15 hundred years ago.  And now in this modern era, the educationists and teachers are implementing the same principles for making their teaching-learning process more effective and interesting. These principles were discussed in this research paper. The data was collected from both primary and secondary sources available in the form of books, electronically published materials, and research papers. The data is then analyzed through content analysis and to draw realistic conclusions from it.