Analyzing the Concept of Evolution in Uzma Aslam Khan’s The Geometry of God with reference to the Holy Quran


  • Mustanir Ahmad Associate Professor, Department of English, Hazara University Mansehra
  • Madeeha Iqbal MPhil Scholar, Department of English, Hazara University Mansehra
  • Saiqa Nazir SST Government Girls Higher Secondary School Mathra Peshwar



Literary and critical writings have been influenced by Charles Darwin’s concept of evolution since the publication of On the Origin of Species (1859). This research article seeks to analyze the concept of evolution as portrayed in Uzma Aslam Khan’s The Geometry of God and explore the original Darwinian concept of evolution with respect to the present age. Khan’s novel has been taken as a representative text written in the contemporary era. The close-reading technique has been used for analyzing the text with a goal to interpret the same with reference to the Holy Quran. The findings are, then, explained in order to reach a conclusion regarding the theory of evolution. Certain characters and incidents in the novel have been analyzed to find how ordinary people and strict religious believers play between doubt and faith regarding their creation existence due to the Darwinian theory of evolution. After analyzing the novel and comparing it with other works as well as present age, the researcher has found out that mankind  and it should not be confused with religion. It has been concluded that by reviewing and analyzing different theories of evolution, it can be noted that Khan has remained successful at carrying out an objective analysis of the issue. The study is important in understanding the concept of evolution. It is also a step towards enabling upcoming researchers to explore such topics.