Comparative Study Alsharah Almla Jamy W Alsharah Lilmala'i Dada


  • Dr. Hafiz Hifazat ullah
  • Sultanat Khan
  • Dost Muhammad


“Al-Nahw (syntax) in conversation is just like salt in the meal” is a well-known proverb. And the book Al-Kafiyah (by Ibn e Hajib) is a very initial book in Elm ul Nahw(syntax). Because of its importance many scholars have written so much shurooh (explnations) of this book. Among of these shurooh the one famous book is Al- Fawaed ul Ziaeyyah , which is known as Sharh ul Mulla Jami, and is being taught in Islamic institutions all over the world. But there is newly published Sharh of Kafiyah, named Awjazul Matalib (written by Mulla Dada of Madyan Swat KPK Pakistan) is also a well standard book in this series. This book is a new addition in the shurooh of Kafiyah, and in the series of Al-Nahw books .So the researcher has tried in this research paper to compare this newly published book to that well-known book of Jami, and by giving three times comparisons, has proved that this new book is authentic, easier, comprehensive, and all-round complete sharh (explanation) of Kafiyah, and is suitable to be taught in Islamic institutions.