The meaning of the word kufr mentioned in the Holy Qur'an and hadith a research review


  • Owais Anwer Ph.D. Scholar Department of Usool ud din University of Karachi
  • Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Assistant Professor Department of Usool ud din University of Karachi
  • Dr. Aziz ur Rehman Saifee Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic, University of Karachi



Major and Minor unbelief, cruelty, Fisk, Problem of Takfeer


Quran and Hadith are perfect sources of such perfection can be estimated by their use of words in them which are multifarious / manifold.

Therefore the word kufur is one of such words which has multitudinous possibilities, according to an order, kufur has two kinds.

  • Major unbelief (Kufur e Akbar those who fall into this category are transgressors and declared out of Islam)
  • Minor unbelief (Kufur e Asghar the transgressors do not go beyond the Islamic Laws)

But for both kinds the word kufur is used only that is why it becomes complex to comprehend that for which verse word Major unbelief is used and for which verse the word Minor unbelief is used.

This remains the matter of kinds of kufur only. Many of the verses are there in which other words are used for kufur such as the word Zulm (cruelty) is also used for kufur. As well as for Shirk (polytheism / sin of idolatry) the word kufur is also used. In the same way the word kufur is used for disobedience [Fisk] also.

Hence a research is made in this article that in which verse the term kufur is used as a Major unbelief and in which verse the term Minor unbelief is used.

After comprehending the accurate meaning of kufur it will be easy to understand the problem of Takfeer.