Theme of Death with special reference to selected English and Arabic poets


  • Hafiz Javed ur Rehman Lecturer Department of English, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar- Pakistan
  • Mustanir Ahmad Assistant Professor, Department of English, Hazara University, Mansehra, KP


Death is one of the universal phenomena. It is not limited to specific people, religion or region. It is a mystery and problem for all the people. This is why all the people have been talking about it since ever. There is universality in the thinking of the people about it and it is something quite natural. Although with a lot of similarity and difference in that thinking one thing is quite clear that all these poets have universal approach irrespective of discrepancy based on religion in particular. Only a mystic poet will look at it from religious point of view but others will have a secular view regarding the topic under discussion. It could be easily that all these poets have universality as well as individuality while dealing with the theme of death. Sometimes they express feeling which are not only common between them but can be termed as universal feeling hence giving the impression that all human beings think more or less the same about death. This universality nevertheless, is expressed in the most beautiful individual style of expression which lends a literary beauty to both the poets. We furthermore, need to explore more ideas and feeling which are common among poets belonging to different cultures, backgrounds, different religions so that world peace may travel a step further.




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