History of Sikh Educational system


  • Zahoor Alam
  • Maria Mann
  • Dr.Muammad Ayaz


   According to Guru Nanak, real education enables a man to gain self-realization and self-manifestation in a spontaneous way. He says emphatically that a really educated man is one who enlightens his mind with the divine knowledge and realizes himself. Education is always given importance in all religions especially in Islam as well as Sikhism. The history of Sikh education is really rich and shows the true teachings of Nanak that emphasize on the importance of education. Even in modern times Sikhs have tried to preserve their tradition of gaining education and knowledge by following the footsteps of their elders and by opening educational institutions for their younger generations. This dissertation is an attempt to know about the Sikh religious education in general. It has been found that the Sikh education to certain extent reflects the teachings of their Holy book (SGGS) and Sikh can get religious education irrespective of cast.




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