Ibn Ashur’s approach to his interpretation (Linguistic study)


  • Dr. Muhammad Saleem
  • Dr. Sher Ali


Ibn Ashur, Qur’an, Interpretation, Sources, Translation, Arabic language, Meanings


 The article entitled: Method of Ibn- Ashur in his Interpretation (Lingual study) is a lingual discussion of the Interpretation of Holy Qur’an by Ibn- Ashur regarding his methodology & style. The article is a comprehensive study of the contribution of Ibn- Ashur towards Qur'anic and rest of Islamic Sciences. The article shows style, trend and method of Ibn Ashur while Interoperating the Holy Qur’an. The article presents basic sources of this Interpretation of the Holy Qur’an in Arabic, he consulted renowned and basic dictionaries of Arabic language like as Kitab-ul-Aeen by Al-faraheedi ,Al- kitab by Seebvay,and Lisan-ul Arab by Ibn Manzoor Al-Ifreeqi etc .He consulted from the poetry of pre-Islamic period and describe some verses of various Arabic poets to elaborates the meanings of the words of Holy Qur’an. He consulted the basic and authentic commentaries of Holy Qur’an describing valuable opinions of great commentators of the meanings of Holy Qur’an.

His complete name is Muhammad al-Tahir-Ibn Ashur, He was born in 1879 in Tunis and died in 1973. He belonged to a rich family. He was a great Muslim scholar reformer and a writer of valuable Islamic books like as Maqsid -sharia. He graduated from the University of Ez-Zitouna. He travelled Arab countries to learn classical Islamic literature. He appointed as judge as well as Sheik-ul- Islam in 1932. Ibn Ashur wanted to introduce research work relevant to modern world. He focuses the deeper and deeper meaning of the word to fulfill the requirements of the situation of modern world regarding their issues. He interpreted the meanings of Holy Quran according to that situation. The article reflects his method of interpreting the meanings of Holy Qur’an through various lingual basic sources.We hope that the article would be beneficial for the knowledge seekers and scholars of Arabic & Islamic studies.




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